Ed sheeran baby Hehe :* #Edsheeran #She #Is #So #Cute

Ed sheeran baby Hehe :* #Edsheeran #She #Is #So #Cute

She’s a Niall Baby Like :*

She’s a Niall Baby Like :*

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I wanna be his Anastasia. ;)

People Nearly everyone Has a Copy of Fifty shades&#160;!!!!! God calm down Harry styles Ain&#8217;t that special Ffs


I wanna be his Anastasia. ;)

People Nearly everyone Has a Copy of Fifty shades !!!!! God calm down Harry styles Ain’t that special Ffs


hoky hsit!1 look what i found! im laughong soo hard! hahahahahaha
this is abuse, poor child ;p aahahahahah

Pure Photoshopped&#160;! Thats A Lassie&#8217;s arse Haha


hoky hsit!1 look what i found! im laughong soo hard! hahahahahaha

this is abuse, poor child ;p aahahahahah

Pure Photoshopped ! Thats A Lassie’s arse Haha



Anonymous asked: Can you do a father daughter daddy kink? Like Harry’s daughters in the bath and she asks what a clit is and then asks why she feels funny down there when she thinks of him? Please Please Please.

Owner: Erica

Pairing: Darcy Styles/Harry Styles

Includes: Dirty Talk, Incest

Warning: I do not own One Direction (Never Will) These are not real stories!

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this is Fucking Sick !!

hope you guys could read it luv you xx


Play, Listen, and Read

You slam the door open, tears streaming down your cheeks. The events replay in your head. The laughing, the happiness, the love, everything. There was only one person you trusted and loved, Zayn. You met at a signing. No one could explain it, but when you looked into each others eyes there was an instant spark. You were yourself when you were around him, you two completed each other. It was a fairy tale relationship, but not anymore.

Zayn runs into your hotel room just as you pick up the knife from the kitchen drawer.  

“Please, let me explain!” he screams.

“I saw you Zayn,” you scream back, “I saw you kissing her.”

“You don’t know the full story!” 

“She told me everything. She told me how this isn’t the first time. A month, a whole month you have been having an affair with her behind my back.”

The tears are building up on my face now. I can barely even see through my pain building up in my eyes.

“Just please, listen to me,” He yells, “I love you, and only you! Please just put the knife down and let me tell you the honest truth!”

You can see the pain and fear in his eyes, but it doesn’t bother you at all. 

“No, Zayn. I can’t trust you anymore. You hurt me so much, without me even knowing it. The secret is out. You don’t love me, you never did!”

You slowly pull the knife to face the front of your body.

“Goodbye..” you whisper before squeezing the knifes handle and lunging it at your heart.

Zayns screaming and crying is the only thing you can hear as you fall to the ground. He falls to your side, holding your dying body in his arms. He stays with you until your soul leaves your body. Squeezing you in his arms, crying into your lifeless shoulder.

Zayn grabs the bloody knife resting in the palm that murdered your body. He takes one last look at your broken body before stabbing himself. As he falls to the ground, the moment replays in his head.

-Zayns flashback- 

“Hey Zayn! Glad you could make it!” Sara, your girlfriends best friend, says as she invites you into her apartment. 

“Yeah, thanks for inviting me. So, you wanted to talk about something with me?”

“Oh right,” she says as she sits on her leather couch, “You and my best friend have been dating for a while now, right?”

“Yeah,” You say while smiling, “She’s amazing. I have the time of my life when I’m hanging out with her. She really is the one.”

“And of course you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your girlfriend, right?” 

You look at Sara. Her eyes flicker with a small flame.

“What do you mean?”

“Look, Zayn. Ever since I laid my eyes at you at the signing, I wanted you all to myself. But you only had eyes for my stupid ‘best friend’.”

You don’t like the way this is going and reach for the door handle but Sara spins you around and pins you to the door, locking the door in the process. 

“Don’t be frightened. All I’m saying is that if you want your girlfriend to stay happy, healthy, and alive, I suggest you keep me happy with love, kisses, and that kind of stuff.”

You can’t believe it. Never in a million ways would you want to lie and cheat on your precious girlfriend. But if you didn’t she would get hurt, physically. You knew you had no option, you had to protect your girl.

“fine.” you manage to say through your pain. It feels as if your heart has been ripped out of your body. ‘Its for us.’ you think in your head.

-Flashback over-

Zayn is almost completely dead. He slowly turns his head and stares at you one last time.

“If only you let me explain.” 


Sorry if this was depressing. Give me your feedback in my ask box please. Thanks for reading.

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